About Our Maid Service

Just a word or two about Maid by Design. My name is Debra Braman, I am the owner of Maid by Design. I have been cleaning residences for over 15 years, I also clean offices but I much prefer homes. I have been professionally trained in a productive cleaning routine that maximizes time and increases cleaning quality. We pass these time saving techniques onto our clients by saving them money.

I have worked for several cleaning companies who were more interested in lining their pockets than in providing quality service and taking care of their employees, Maid by Design will never be that kind of a company.

I truly enjoy my work and hope I can continue it for many years to come. I may not always be the cleaner that comes to your home and does the actual cleaning, but I will always be the driving force behind all employees be it cleaners, lead persons, supervisors etc. I will always personally train all of my employees and be personally involved in every aspect of my business, after all it does carry my name. I like being involved and will never put everything off onto someone else. My vision for my company is to be Tulsa’s #1 cleaning company and I intend in doing all I can to make this a reality.

It is so exciting, I hope you will use Maid by Design for all your residential cleaning needs as well as the other services we provide; for years to come because we look forward to serving you! At Maid by Design we take great pride in the fact that we use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and use something a little stronger when circumstances warrant it. Our vacuum is hepa filtered with hepa bags. We take great pains with the little details that make our cleaning system efficient and productive. We tailor our cleaning packages to meet our customers needs and lifestyle and offer competitive pricing. We guarantee all our work. Your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee!

We carry liability insurance, bonding and are registered with Tulsa county and the state of Oklahoma. Our employees are drug tested and have had criminal background checks. You and your belongings are safe with us. We also rigorously train our employees with a system that literally protects against missing any detail of your cleaning.

Building our Residential Cleaning Services with Integrity

Our Team is fully trained and committed to providing you the best clean possible. Each day team members show up at the main office to get their assignments for the day. The main office houses the cleaning supplies we provide to maintain your home. We use environmental solutions and minimize the toxin.

Our goal in cleaning is to safeguard your home from harmful or damaging pollutants and cleaning toxins.

Be sure to choose the right team for cleaning your home or office. Our teams of cleaning professionals are background checked and trained for 30 days to make sure you get the clean you deserve. Keep your residence looking its best then please contact Maid By Design today.

When you choose a team for cleaning your home or office, be sure to verify that training and background checks are in place. We understand that you don’t just let anyone into your home and we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and efficient service to keep your residence looking its best then please contact Maid By Design today.

IICRC certified
ARCSI Member

Maid by Design initiated a movement to avail cleaning services to a wider audience instead of a luxury for the wealthy. Furthermore, we provide work prospects to thousands of individuals with the correct qualifications. By developing a simple method to coordinate homeowners with trustworthy and proficient service staff at an affordable cost, it is our first objective towards creating happy and clean spotless homes.

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